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Features & Benefits SME Professional Enterprise
Half Yearly or Yearly (special discount)
Additional modules: Job Portal, Recruitment, Manpower Budgeting, Task-Tracking, Performance, Training, Succession Planning, Achievement, Discplinary, Examination, Loan Tracking, Asset Declaration, Buku Servis integration for GLC, External Country Traveling (Lawatan Keluar Negara) for GLC, Staff Feedback, Coaching & Mentoring
Recommended for SME with staff headcount between 10 to 100. Operation modules. Recommended for organization who wants more functionality. Operation modules.
Modules Attendance + Leave + Payroll + Basic Analystics Attendance + Leave + Claim + Payroll + Analytics + Graphs Discuss with us for modules required.
Number of Admins Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Document Limit
Attachments for leave, claim
Limited for 3 months Unlimited Unlimited
Leavers / Resigned Staff
Resigned staffs. Inquire if want to keep longer than 1 year
Free for 1 year Free Free
Calendar Navigation
Organization Chart
Company News, Resource Booking, Visitor & Phone Directory
Company Handbook / SOP
Attachment pdf for Job Scope & Responsibilites
Home Panel Configurable
Can hide panels according to user role (Individual, Manager or HRAdmin)
Mobile App (Android / Apple)
Application can be accessed in web browser and Native App.
Email Notification
Pending Approval on Documents.
Configurable Email Template
With scripting capability to drive notifications and alerts to Staff, Supervisor & Manager.
Workflow with Conditions (up to 10 levels)
Condition of skipping or adding specific level on no of days or amount. Escalation to next level based on time can be configured.
Based on reporting to only.
Import Excel Data and Quick Data Entry
Activity & Audit Trail Tracking
Query writer for HRAdmin. Target output : excel or PDF
Help Center & Email Support
Site visit can be arranged for explanation & discussion with customers in KL, Penang & JB.
Staff Management
Employee Self-service to change family, address and personal information.
Employee exit interview and tracking of company resources needed to return.
Staff Confirmation & Termination Approval
Staff Transfer Request & Approval
Staff Termination Checklist
Staff Feedback
Staff Benefits (Leave, Benefit & Claim)
Self-service for staff for application, approval & monitoring of balance usage.
Staff can cancel leave prior approver action. Once approved, cancellation will notify approvers.
Leave Entilement according to Benefit Scheme and Year of Service
Replacement / Credit Leave Application
Instead of OT, staff can apply credit leave to annual leave with expiration date as replacement.
Retirement Leave Application
Can apply to convert year end leave balance as retirement leave based on set rules and can allow encashment when retiring. (Golden Handshake)
Group entry leave for staff in special event shutdown, special event holiday.
Self-service for staff for claim application, approval & monitoring of balance usage.
Medical Entilement (Sick Leave, Sick, Hospilization, Dental entitlement according to Benefit Scheme and Year of Service)
Can integrate with panel doctors (import data).
Retirement payment based on year of service
For "saguhati tamat perkhidmatan"
Insurance scheme entitlment for staff.
Traveling & Mileage Claim
Mileage amount computed based on rate table, type of vehicles and sliding rate.
Advance Traveling Claim
Overtime Claim
In Hours
General Claim
Max limit per transaction, per month or per year.
Biometric Fingerscan Integration
Web Check-In & Out using Smart Devices with pre-defined geo fencing.
Outstation Check In & Out using Smart Devices.
Designated PC / Smart devices can be used as Kiosk for web check in & out.
Staff feedback on Loss time with approval from supervisor / manager / hr admin
Staff self-service to plan overtime and approve by manager before overtime can be performed.
Overtime Approval
OT approval Pro and Enterprise can be converted as credit / replacement leave.
By HR Admin By supervisor, manager & HR Admin By supervisor, manager & HR Admin
Group Schedule and Individual Schedule can be easiy setup and change by Manager / Supervisor / HRAdmin
Loss Time - Late-In, Early-Out, Time-Off and Unpaid Leave can be included for payroll calculation.
Payroll can auto calculate the deductions. Integrated single DB for reduced data entry.
Daily Allowance based on Time In & Out
Example : Meal Allowance when work > 1/2 day of schedule.
Staff Self-service to view payslip (HR admin control with release payroll period and cycle)
Staff Self-service to view EA / EC
Multi-Cycle Salary, OT or Claim Payments
Advance, Mid Month, End Month, Bonus, Claim cycles
Salary, Leave & OT cut-off dates can be setup by HR Admin
Salary movement with propration of salary
Conditional Fixed Allowance
Example : Attendance Allowance which is burned or certain % deduction based on loss time.
Allow closing of payroll to prevent data changes after salary processing completed.
Bank / Statutory Integration for Salary, EPF, PCB, CP8D, CP159, SOCSO, EIS.
Integration with Financial System
Allow to export data according to debit and credit accounts (Journal transactions) in text, csv, xml, json)
Basic (Leave Summary, Attendance Summary, Payroll Summary & Payroll Variances)
Graphical Dashboard with drilldown capabilities
Integration to Microsoft Power BI
Easy to use report or dashboard writer. Microsoft Power BI is an affordable subscription based from Microsoft.

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