AuroraHRM is an integrated Human Resource Management system that helps, manage an organization’s human resources. It is modular in design and consist of more than 10 modules, seamlessly integrated. AuroraHRM is flexible enough to meet your company needs and scaleable when your business grows. With every new release, AuroraHRM makes human resource management easiAer, accurate and more efficient.

AuroraHRM delivers a comprehensive and robust human resource management system to help automate and optimize day-to-day HR process to manage your workforce better. The software is specially designed by HR professionals to empower the HR department to actively support the company goals while improving the HR competence.



AuroraPDMS is a patient management system designed to provide hospitals or clinics with the advantage of managing patients more strategically and efficiently. It provides an easy and flexible interface to record patient data with minimum redundancy and effort; ensuring you have quality data to maintain and access for a better patient management experience. The user interfaces are designed to fits any modern gadget screen sizes and data entry experience.

Through its integrated design, it delivers an effective management for optimum patient scheduling planning, patient dialysis treatment and tracking the inventory system of the dialysis centers.

AuroraPDMS aims to help hospitals and clinics eliminates mundane tasks to help bring more efficient way for hospitals and clinics to run their dialysis centers. In addition, helping dialysis centers have a better information flow to let nurses or doctors treat patients more effective manner or better decision making.