AuroraHRM is an integrated Human Resource Management system that helps, manage an organization’s human resources. It is modular in design and consist of more than 10 modules, seamlessly integrated. AuroraHRM is flexible enough to meet your company needs and scaleable when your business grows. With every new release, AuroraHRM makes human resource management easiAer, accurate and more efficient.

AuroraHRM delivers a comprehensive and robust human resource management system to help automate and optimize day-to-day HR process to manage your workforce better. The software is specially designed by HR professionals to empower the HR department to actively support the company goals while improving the HR competence.

AuroraHRM Modules :

  • Employee
  • Payroll
  • Financial System Integration
  • Leave
  • Attendance
  • Overtime
  • Benefit
  • Claim
  • Training
  • Performance
  • Manpower
  • Job Portal
  • Recruitment
  • Succession Plan
  • Aurora Query Writer
  • Dashboard
  • Disciplinary
  • Achievement & Award

Admin Module

The Admin module simplifies your organization’s basic daily information distribution needs such as news announcement, company policy updates and common resource administration.

HR can create user security profiles that allow the ESS to control users’ access to employee data and menu options. In addition, HR will be able to configure login homepage for employees to display useful information and hence simplify access to commonly needed HR information upon individual’s login.


Employee Module

The Staff module allows employees to access their individual CV information, submit change request as well as feedback to their manager and HR in a proactive manner.

Supervisors and managers can view their staff due for action events such as confirmation due and contract expiry due events. Supervisors can submit confirmation requests, transfer requests and termination notices for managers and HR approvals. Staff movement and cost trends are accessible via a point and click interface.


Leave Module

The Leave module allows employees to submit leave applications, replacement leave and leave encashment requests efficiently without paper forms. Staff can directly view leave records and leave entitlement data without assistance from their supervisor or HR.

Supervisors and managers can view and approve leave applications via a point and click interface. Managers can directly access staff leave calendar and analyse staff leave data to understand leave trends for better leave management.


Attendance Module

The Attendance module allows individual staff to have quick access to work calendar, attendance records and submit attendance feedback over attendance exceptions for supervisor’s approval.

Supervisors and managers can approve attendance feedback, plan their staff work calendar and view their staff attendance performance. Staff lost hours and absent days are summarized by year and month with integrated charts to give better visibility of productivity wastages.


Overtime Module

With the OT module, individuals and supervisors can submit both pre-OT requests as well as post OT variances for approval. Staff can directly view their OT approval status and OT hours summary by year and month.

Managers can view pending OT approvals, OT calendar and select OT records for approvals. Staff OT hours can be viewed easily by year and month with integrated charts to help managers understand OT trends quickly.


Claim Module

With the Claims module, staff can submit HR and expense claims easily. Staff can directly view claims records and benefits entitlement data quickly and efficiently.

Supervisors and managers can view and approve claims submissions via a user friendly interface. Managers can directly view staff claims data and analyse staff claims data to help them manage claims better. Approved claims can be automatically uploaded to the payroll module for easy payment without additional data entry.


Payroll Module

With the Payroll module, you can now do away with printing and distribution of hard copies of payslip and EA forms. The online payslip allows individual to view the supporting attendance data, calculation audit as well as submit payroll feedback for any payroll calculation queries. In addition, staff can also submit tax rebate for approval.

Supervisors can submit any unfixed payroll transactions for approval and payment via the payroll module. Managers can access payroll variance data for quick payroll reconciliation. System provides itemized cost summary by year and month to improve management visibility of payroll cost.


Benefit Module

To manage and administer employee benefits including medical, hospitalization, personal loan, welfare/ education assistance, book loan, insurance, SOCSO claim, staff travel, professional membership monitoring, club membership monitoring, etc.


Training Module

With the Training module, individual employee can view HR training calendar and submit training requests for approval. Staff will able to view completed training sessions and submit training feedback on completed training sessions.

Supervisors and managers can nominate staff for training, view pending training requests and update training assessments. Training requests are linked to the e-Leave module to manage training and leave conflicts. Managers will be able to directly view their staff training calendar and their training records.


Manpower Module

The e-Manpower module allows for online submission of manpower budgets by respective department managers. Pending manpower budgets are approved via the system. System will compute headcount variance between actual and budgeted headcounts for transfer or hiring actions.

Managers can submit staff requests for approval and system will automatically check all budgeted requests against the approved budgets. System will track the approved requests through the recruitment process.


Recruitment Module

The e-Recruitment module automates the recruitment process from the point of approved staff request to the final hire confirmation of the successful candidate.

Approved staff requests are converted to position vacancies. CVs can be matched against vacancies using both fixed criteria or free text search criteria. Requestors can shortlist candidates for interviews and job offers can be created for selected candidates.

Job offers are approved via the system approval workflow system and HR can update the job offer responses from the candidates. Lastly, system will auto create employee records from the CV records of confirmed hires.


Performance Module

The Performance module is designed to allow employees to submit their performance plans, reviews and final evaluation. Individual staff can directly view their KPI and competency scores from past appraisal records.

Supervisors and managers can view staff performance score history, approve the performance plans, input their ratings, feedback promotion recommendation and development plans for their staff via the system. Score grades are computed based on performance groups’ policies. System provides score grades distribution charts to assist managers in the score moderation process.


Succesion Plan Module

Developing internal people with the potential to fill key business leadership positions in the company. Succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available.


Job Portal

Allows the user to create vacancies in the company and public can visit and check the job descriptions and responsibilities. The visitor can deposit the resume/CV and apply for the vacancy. The HR can do profile searching and shortlist the candidates for the recruitment officers.


Dashboard Module

Data driven reports for HR such as statistic of employee counts, holidays, on leaves and many more to track down trends. All dashboards are index driven to make decision making precise and effective.


AuroraQuery Writer

AuroraQuery Writer is a report writer that is data model driven to create structure and intuitive user define design while giving a simplistic and fast report generator without technical knowledge.


Disciplinary Module

To manage the staffs who has disciplinary issues; example: employee behaviors, such as absenteeism, fighting, stealing, gambling, and insubordination. The management of the staffs and management proceedings, the results of the proceedings and the penalty to the staffs can be managed within the system. Staffs can appeal on the proceedings results if they are found guilty of the offences.


Achievement & Award Module

Achievements can be given/nominated to individuals with high remarks from colleagues or employers. System will record the employee achievements for a set of period quarterly/half yearly/annually and a closing report will be given to employers for approval. Once approve the employee can apply for company benefits such as car allowance, mileage allowance and many more.